Just as a wonderful natural landscape lifts the spirits, a garden that absorbs you can feed the soul.
The transporting quality of a garden, that taps into dreams, is what caught Kristy’s imagination and changed her direction of travel.  After a degree in Illustration from Brighton, she made automata which eventually morphed into making furniture, before her passion for gardens took hold and led to a diploma from the then Pickard School of Garden Design. On finishing, Kristy started working with the renowned designer, Arne Maynard. The following two decades were full of fantastic projects all over the world and wonderful opportunities to develop skills and gain knowledge. The last 6 of those years Kristy’s role as Creative Director at Arne Maynard Garden Design Ltd gave her the opportunity to concentrate on the aesthetics of the design, overseeing every process of garden making both in the studio and on site. 
Working for herself now, Kristy begins each project by drawing the unique sense of place from each site in an instinctive way and putting forward creative ideas which resonate with the client and celebrate the garden space, be it large or small. 
Kristy profers: 'The essence at the core of a project is to create journeys and moments of discovery which enrich the experience of the setting.  These journeys can be as varied as the one your eye takes from an everyday view through a window; the one you take from the car to the door, or one that draws you to the furthest extents of the garden.  The key focus being anything from the wish to create peace or stimulus, a retreat, or a playground, to enhance the architecture, create flow between the inside and outside, a place of welcome and hospitality, of food and flower production; it can focus on the history or the planting, the ecology or the drama of the topography.  It is often all of these things combined and together with the client, we will draw out a brief, to inform the design which follows.' 
With a love of working with artists and artisans, of incorporating ancient antique finds, and beautiful newly crafted pieces and above all collaborating with gardeners and nurseries and celebrating plants; the aim is high, for each garden the wish is to create ‘a place of immeasurable beauty and infinite kindness’.
(phrase purloined for its definitive ambition from the novel ‘Piranesi’ by Suzanna Clarke)